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Frequently asked questions

Which is better for a wardrobe, sliding or door?
When choosing between a sliding or hinged door wardrobe, it ultimately depends on personal preferences and priorities. Sliding doors are favoured for their seamless and modern appearance, along with their space-saving design. On the other hand, hinged door wardrobes are often considered easier to assemble and provide a clearer view of the wardrobe's contents.
What should I look for when buying a wardrobe?
When purchasing a wardrobe, consider factors such as its size to ensure it fits seamlessly into your space, allowing convenient access to your belongings. Opt for quality materials like mango and solid oak for durability. Additionally, examine the internal configurations, including the number of hanging rails and shelves, to meet your storage needs effectively.
What are the different types of wardrobes available?
Wardrobes are available in different styles, such as freestanding, fitted, sliding door, mirrored, hinged door, combi wardrobes (Wardrobes with Drawers), walk-in, and those with bi-folding doors. Select the one that complements your space and fulfils your storage needs.
Which wardrobe is best for a small room?
Several wardrobes are well-suited for small rooms. A single or 1-door wardrobe can easily fit into most spaces, and a corner wardrobe is convenient for awkward layouts. Sliding wardrobes are also excellent choices for small rooms, as they don't require space for door opening.
Are there any wardrobe accessories that can help with organisation?
Certainly! Accessories such as tie racks, belt hooks, jewellery trays, and shoe racks can greatly contribute to improved organisation and accessibility within your wardrobe.
Do you offer matching bedside table and Drawer Chests?
Yes, we offer matching bedside tables and drawer chests for most of our ranges. These bedroom furniture pieces are available in different colours, designs, and styles to suit your preferences.
Does your freestanding bedroom furniture go to the ceiling?
The height of our freestanding wardrobes varies, ranging from 197cm, 210cm, 217cm, 223cm, 229cm, to 236cm. You can select the height that best suits your requirements and space.